Garden Bar with Storage Shed

Expanding on the garden room project, our clients had a specific vision in mind. They desired a versatile space at their holiday home that would serve two primary purposes: entertaining guests and storing their water sports equipment. Our aim was to create a functional and inviting environment that catered to both needs seamlessly. By designing a spacious garden room, we provided an ideal area for socializing and hosting gatherings. Simultaneously, we incorporated clever storage solutions to accommodate their water sports equipment, ensuring it was easily accessible while keeping the space clutter-free. The result is a multipurpose oasis that combines entertainment and practicality, perfectly suited for their holiday home.


Cedar cladding on the front with luxury aluminium bi-folding doors
Grey anthracite corrugated sheets on the sides to achieve a modern look with zero maintenance.
Also, log burning fire installed insideĀ 


Billy and Geraldine