Music Studio

Creative & Unique

A Kenneth Charles Music Studio.  An alternative solution, look outside to that empty space in your garden for your new music room. A sound proofed music or recording studio in the garden is an ideal place for you to be away from the main home, whilst not being afraid to make noise.

If you are considering a garden music studio, please contact us to book no obligation quote, and we will help you plan the ideal space for recording equipment and/or instruments.

A Kenneth Charles Garden Room lends itself perfectly as a music room or recording studio because all our structures are made using structural insulated panels creating the ideal environment for good acoustics and sound proofing, critical to the work of a music producer or a musician.

We can work closely with you to ensure that all your needs and design ideas are met. Building Regulations will sometimes see music rooms having to be further insulated to keep all frequencies of sound escaping, this is not a problem, and we can change plans to include a second skin to the internal walls, if need be. So whether you go for a pitch roofed or a contemporary styled Garden Studio, you can be sure that you are getting a bespoke garden music studio, that’ll be perfect for you and your family to enjoy.