Garden Room

Creative & Unique

No matter what your do in your spare time, what your hobby, there are a multitude of compelling reasons why you would wish to install your very own, bespoke garden room: A keen gardener wanting to be in their garden but thwarted by the Scottish weather can still feel at one with that tranquil place from the comfort of their garden room, with its panoramic views. For a growing family desperate for more space a garden room offers an attractive alternative to lengthy planning, potentially spiralling costs and the upheaval of a house extension. Of course once installed our garden rooms can be put to any number of uses; as an over flow guest bedroom, a place to do homework or watch TV or simply a family space in which to relax or entertain.  

The uses of a Kenneth Charles Garden Room are Endless.

Kenneth Charles garden rooms are built using structured insulated panels which have exceptional thermal values and noise reduction properties and they require minimal energy input to achieve perfect temperatures all year round – which in Scotland will give you piece of mind on these cold winter mornings or beautiful summers days.  Though we offer garden rooms built to your specification, along with exceptional value for money. We will design and build exactly what you require, to fit the space you have, meet your functional and aesthetic aspiration and of course, your budget. There's loads of information and many images to browse through here, but if you have further questions please do contact us.